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We do it all

-So how can we help you?

Here you will find an overview of the services we offer our customers.
So whether you need a pallet transported to China or a parcel to Kerteminde, we can help.
Find out more about the benefits of the different modes of transport and our carriers.

Air freight

Of course, we offer air freight worldwide.

Air freight will be the fastest way to get your goods transported

Sea freight

Do you need to transport large quantities of goods and is delivery time of secondary importance?

Then you can read more about sea freight here

Road transport

The obvious and more environmentally friendly choice for shorter deliveries.

For example, within Europe or domestically

Railway freight

We offer rail transport if you need a price

and solution that lies between sea and air freight


Whether your shipment is due tomorrow or in a few days,

we have the solution for both packages and pallets

Package distribution

We deliver your parcels throughout Denmark and Europe,

whether you have a webshop or a production company

Pick & Pack warehouse

OnlineCargo will be happy to help you get your goods packed and ready for distribution.

We work with the biggest suppliers

Car Couriers Express DK & EU

OnlineCargo Courier is our global door-to-door service.

With our courier service you get the whole wagon to yourself

Temperature controlled Transport Express DK & EU

For you who have to transport temperature sensitive goods

Animal driving

OnlineCargo will help you transport your animals safely.

We help both individuals and businesses.