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Who is Online Cargo?

What can we do?

At Online Cargo we can secure you and your business the cheapest freight rates, from the best providers. We do this by bringing our customers together, and in doing so achieving the economies of scale that small and medium-sized businesses would normally find difficult to negotiate. Of course, we’ll pass those discounts on to you.

Career at Online Cargo

We are always looking for new employees, so please send us an application and CV, or keep an eye on our vacancies.

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Our history

Online Cargo Aps opened its doors in August 2015.

Since then, things have gone fast. Onlinecargo entered a market with many manual processes and outdated systems. We felt this could be done better, so the idea behind Onlinecargo is to be innovative in a highly competitive and growing industry.

We would be available to our customers 24/7/365.

For this to happen, we needed to find the right partners. After a short search, we had a comprehensive solution ready, which we are still proud to present today. But our development doesn’t stop there. It continues and is an ongoing process that needs to be constantly updated.

In short, we are “ONLINE”.

If you want to know more about us and what we can do, you can always contact us at tel. 7199 4151 or send us a message at contact

The people behind Online Cargo

Henrik Kruse

Henrik Kruse


Trained as a freight forwarder in 2008
Been part of Online Cargo since 2017

David Løth

David Løth

Founder and Director

Trained at TNT Freight Management in 2008
Helped launch Online Cargo in 2015

Sharna Nielsen

Sharna Nielsen

Customer service

20 years of customer service experience