• How to get started

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    The first thing you need to do...

    Give us a call or write to us!
    You can get started within 24 hours and the first thing you need to do is contact us!

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    Advice on transporters and integrations

    Over the phone, we’ll advise you on which carriers are right for your needs. Most customers are set up to be able to book with 2-5 carriers, so all requirements are covered, e.g. import, export, speed, type of cargo, etc. We will also advise you on possible integrations, if you need API exchange with e.g. your financial system or webshop.


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    Creating logins

    We create logins for you and the employees who need to be able to access and book online. As soon as they are ready, you can make your first booking

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    If you need to set up integrations between our booking system and your systems, these will be set up as soon as possible. Ask us for a more precise timeframe for your specific integrations.